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[blockquote]I had been battling nasty toe fungus for 25 years. I spent over 7 thousand dollars on oral medications that would only work temporarily. After having laser treatment on my toes – that was virtually painless – I now am fungus free and summer sandals look great! A client at Healthy Nail Laser Center – Ponderay[/blockquote]

[h1 fancy=”true”]The Solution for Nail Fungus in Sandpoint[/h1]
The solution for toenail fungus in Sandpoint, Idaho
There are many treatments for onychomycosis including creams and ointments, pills and home remedies.
However, since you’re reading this page, it’s likely because you’ve already learned that:

  • Creams and ointments alone may be only 7% effective.
  • By themselves, pills are only 38% effective.
  • Home remedies are often not effective, and may be dangerous.
  • Podiatrists are the medical professionals qualified to take care of toenail onychomycosis. They have already been using lasers to treat plantar warts and ingrown toenails, among other problems.

    The cure for nail fungus in Ponderay, ID


    [h1 fancy=”true”]Impressive Results[/h1]
    Nail Fungus - Before and After

    [testimonial image=””]After 30+ years of struggling with toenail fungus, you have given me back my healthy nails! It is amazing to watch the transformation from thick, yellow brittle toenails to healthier looking pink nails. It was practically pain free like you said, even without injections or anesthesia. Thanks to my doctor and his amazing staff, I no longer have to “hide” my nails with polish and can even feel confident about wearing sandals in public! Thank you Healthy Nail Center! J.M. [/testimonial]


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