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HNLC Patient Before - Right Foot
HNLC Patient - Right Foot After

Kathi received treatment at Healthy Nail Laser Center – These are her results.

"I’ve dealt with nail fungus for 10 plus years. I would highly recommend to anyone who has the same issues. It was quick, painless & I had amazing results!

Kathi’s left toenails were much healthier than her right and showed less invasion of the fungus as it began to work its way in from the front of the nail. Because the laser surgery is safe, we were able to harmlessly eradicate the fungus from that foot as well.

HNLC Patient Before - Right Foot
HNLC Patient - Right Foot After
After 5 years, Merry found a cure with Dr. Jonathan Fisher at HNLC. This is her story.

“MY TOE FUNGUS, MY TESTIMONY We’ll go back about five years ago when I noticed my left great toe had a yellowish color under the nail. I didn’t think much about it at first other than I thought I must have bumped it causing the discoloration. After a short period of time I noticed the yellow was not turning back to pink like I thought it should and that the other four toes were also turning yellow. I thought it was about time to seek medical help. I saw my family doctor who advised me that I had a fungus growing under the nails and I could take pills for the fungus, but over time they could cause liver damage plus I would have to have a blood test every month testing the liver. That concerned me quite a bit. I thought there must be an alternative so I went on line and discovered there was a doctor in Minnesota that performed laser treatment for toe fungus. I was ready to travel to Minnesota for the treatment when my husband said that I should look closer to home first.

HNLC Patient Before - Left Foot
HNLC Patient - Left Foot After

“…My husband recommended calling Dr. Fisher because he specialized in feet. During my visit with Dr. Fisher he advised me about the same thing as my family doctor did. When I mentioned that I had read about a laser treatment done in Minnesota he told me that he was considering getting one of those machines. I decided to wait for Dr. Fisher to get back from Minnesota. After several months went by Dr. Fisher’s office called me back stating that Dr. Fisher had the laser machine now. I couldn’t wait for my appointment to get the laser treatment. Dr. Fisher also recommended I apply an ointment twice daily during laser treatment. Shortly after one laser treatment I could see a huge difference for the better. Five months went by before I received my second laser treatment. Again I could see my toes starting to pink back up looking more normal. Ten months after my second treatment my toes are back to normal color and looking great. I am so thankful for Dr. Fisher’s laser treatments. They cured my fungus and I feel so much better about myself. I can once again wear open toed shoes with pride.”

HNLC Patient - Right Foot Before
HNLC Patient - Right Foot After

This Healthy Nail Laser Center patient is very happy with his new healthy nails. With the eradication of the fungus and the growth of new nails, the patient’s toes are able to heal and to begin growing strong clear nails.

HNLC Patient - Left Foot Before
HNLC Patient - Left Foot After

The downside to waiting too long for laser treatment is possible permanent damage to the nail’s bed. While the fungus is gone and the nail is now growing in and healthy, putting off treatment can create a different shape to the nail. Early treatment is important.

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15 years of ointments and home remedies didn’t work. Just two treatments (second treatment is free) at Healthy Nail Laser Center worked!

"I didn't want to go the prescription route because of the side effects. For 15 years I tried everything from tea-tree oil, over-the-counter ointments, to Vicks Vapor Rub - all to no avail..."

Immediately after the first treatment, the fungal growth stops. New healthy nails begin to grow out, and over time we see healthy pink nails growing in and the brittle, discolored nails grow out and are trimmed off.

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Nail Improvement and Growth

Nail improvement continues…as the new nails grow in. The result…

"...the laser was quick, painless, and it worked! Very fun to see my toes clear and pink again. These are my new toes! Very Cool!"